camera shoot

by Marie Buttafoco


The camera-shoot is a 30 minutes session with your phototaker.

You will receive 10 (or more) photos, with no editing.

Delivery in max 24 hours from the end of the photoshoot.*


For more details about this service and the booking process click here.


*If you wish to receive your pictures in a eye blink, add “Express” to your order and receive your images in 2 hours from the end of the shoot.



Please note that selecting a slot in the calendar here below you are expressing your preference, but the photoshoot’s date and time are subject to confirmation, according to the phototaker’s actual availability. 

After submitting the order your phototaker will contact you to confirm the date and time of your photoshoot, or to agree an alternative slot if the one you have requested is not available.


Marie Buttafoco


Call me Marie, if it was Moby Dick’s incipit.
30 years. Based in Parma, Italy, since 1991. Born in the South of the Country.
I couldn’t live without: pizza, books, a notebook and a pen (I’m a careful observer and I write a lot), my camera…and an internet connection. I know it sounds less intellectual. I started to take pictures more than 10 years ago to build memories; I believe that a camera is like a time machine. With a picture we can make a person or a moment immortal. When I was younger we didn’t have smartphones so I used to carry my Canon Powershot in bag everywhere. I don’t own a particular equipment except for my heart. And my eyes.


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